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Made Redundant?

Redundancy: disaster or opportunity?

Have you ever been given the news that you have been made redundant?  Although you are far from alone, this can feel like a devastating and very personal blow, but unfortunately it’s now an everyday feature of modern life.  The most immediate and worst problem is that suddenly there’s little or no money to pay those routine bills!  But don’t despair, as this can actually be the start of a new career and a whole new chapter in your life.  Have you ever thought of contracting?  Well,. now is the time to give it some serious thought. 

In today’s challenging economic climate, businesses do everything they can to minimise costs and of course permanent staff are usually the biggest cost – and the easiest to reduce.  So for them it makes sense to use contractors instead.  You will have heard plenty of talk about ‘work-life balance’ and in your case this means that, by becoming a contractor – provided you have the right skills – you can very easily match your previous annual salary in half the time it would have taken as an employee.   Just think of the possibilities!  So why not make that first step to a better way of life by joining a thoroughly professional umbrella company like MSL Forza and turn a negative into a positive.  We are confident that, once you experience the real financial rewards of contracting, you will soon share our view that being made redundant was, just possibly, the best thing that ever happened to you – honestly!

If you do decide to take this timely opportunity to join the world of contracting, you will quickly benefit from a hassle-free lifestyle where you will have more time and money to spend doing the things that matter the most in life – real work-life balance at last.