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How we can benefit your business

Why choose Umbrella Services from MSL Forza

Honest & upfront advice with your Umbrella Services

When looking for an umbrella company you should certainly consider MSL Forza, we provide a comprehensive range of umbrella services to support the freelance contractor, from Limited Company to Sole Trader. We want long standing relationships and provide you with industry leading advice to help you make the right decision on your future.

All Umbrella Companies basically provide the same service and really there is little to differentiate one from another, no matter how slick and glossy their websites and brochures.

So when we decided that we would create a new type of Umbrella Company we knew it would need to offer something extra ñ something that added value to the standard package. With MSL Forza we have brought together a number of features that you will find provided individually by many umbrella companies but few if any will provide them all.

Impressive value

Our fee starts at just £9.96 per week (after tax relief, gross £27.50), with everything we offer and unlimited advice only a call away we feel that this level of service is the best in the industry.

We take care of all the administration and risks you would normally have to manage for yourself and still do your job. That leaves you free to concentrate on being great at your contracted work and allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labours instead of playing catch-up with the paperwork in your free time.

Umbrella Services Offering More

  • HMRC accredited payroll system
  • HMRC accredited pay illustration calculator ensuring most accurate calculations in the market.
  • Information Commissioner’s Office accreditation for handling personal data
  • Fully secured online contractor portal for fast and easy submission of timesheets and expenses with 24/7 access.
  • SMS and email confirmation when payment is made directly into your account
  • HMRC dispensation for handling of contractors’ business expenses
  • Dedicated and experienced account manager to handle any and all queries

We love what we do; we love helping you and it shows