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Referral Award Scheme

Referral Award Scheme

Many of our staff, from Directors to administrators are from a recruitment background so we truly understand your business and how important it is that your contractors are getting the best possible service.

Here at MSL Forza we recognise the importance of forming long standing relationships with recruitment agencies looking for reputable umbrella companies. MSL Forza provides a reliable service and solution to your contractors and to reward our partners for their trust in us for handling their contract staff we have developed a Referral Award Scheme as a way to say thank you.

We know that what may incentivise one organisation may not necessarily motivate another and we also understand recruitment agencies have differing views on Referral Schemes; some agencies encourage our reward scheme and gifts associated with it, others  prefer corporate hospitality but we always ensure that our award scheme adheres to your company policies.

MSL Forza Ltd make payment of Class 1a national insurance contributions and Income Tax at the basic rate on all gifts made as an incentive award to HMRC under the Taxed Award Scheme. MSL Forza Ltd are registered with HMRC’s Taxed Reward Scheme.

MSL Forza’s Taxed Award Scheme reference is 924/JA1376, for further information please call our Agency Services Team on 0845 611 8017 or email us at and we guarantee a response within an hour of your query.