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Your Feedback

Here at MSL Forza we know we stand or fall by our reputation for providing excellent service and support, and what our clients, contractors and employees think of us.

We’re very proud of the very positive and complimentary feedback we get from contractors who join us: quite often they stay with us across multiple contracts and, if their circumstances change and they need to leave us for other reasons, a gratifying number come back when they’re ready to use our services again.

If you’re considering joining an umbrella payroll company to get the most out of working as a contractor, then we hope these genuine comments from your fellow professionals will reassure you that choosing MSL Forza is the right decision.

“ I have been contracting for 8 years and i suppose i have become a little sceptical by the claims of umbrella companies and their so called seamless process. Since moving from my previous umbrella company i have found MSL Forza to be able to back up their claim of a fast and efficient process and i have found the team to be very attentive and actually call me back when they say they were going to! Keep up the good work .”
Chris Powell IT freelancer

“Great service, your umbrella service is very refreshing. It’s nice to be treated like a person and not a number.”
G Wencitaz IT Contractor

“MSL Forza helped me with the transition from permanent employment to the world of contracting. I was a little hesitant at first, but your admin team were only a call away and help to settle any last minute nerves. Thanks a lot.”
Claire Williams  IT Contractor

“Other umbrella companies seem to want to attract the new customers with lots of offers and gimmicks. MSL Forza look after your existing clients very well indeed. “
Colin Browne Freelancer