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For only £100 per month or £27.50 per week – a fixed fee we deduct from your gross pay each month that’s also tax deductible (so you will actually pay from £9.96 per week or £36.20 per month)– we take care of all the admin you’d normally have to manage for yourself and still do your job.  That leaves you free to concentrate on being great at your contracted work and allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labours instead of playing catch-up with the paperwork in your free time.  Take the time to explore our website and find out just what makes the MSL Forza service so good – and well worth that small monthly fee.

Making a decision about which Umbrella Company you should go with should not be governed purely by cost and the financial illustration given to you by other umbrella companies. You should explore what they are offering you for your money.

Find below a table with our prices, for more information please call us on 0845 611 8017 or email

Tax Band Weekly
Gross Fee
Net Fee Monthly
Gross Fee
Net Fee
20% £27.50 £15.46 £100.00 £56.20
40% £27.50 £12.71 £100.00 £46.20
50% £27.50 £9.96 £100.00 £36.20