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AWR: Day 1 rights for agency workers makes little impact

by mslforza on March 13th, 2012

The extension of the day 1 benefits to agency workers – such as parking, company canteens and crèche facilities to name but a few have had very little impact according to new research by Ranstad.
Over 78% of companies who had been surveyed said that they were already providing these benefits to their temporary staff, well before the AWR implementation last October. This statement seems to be backed by two-thirds of agency workers agreeing they had full access.
There seems to be a split on opinion for parity of pay contractors with their permanent counterparts with 53% of temps seeing this as an advantage and 47% do not.
Ranstads research was carried out over 3000 organisations and employees, interestingly enough 63% of temp workers surveyed have actively chosen not to pursue permanent opportunities. More surprisingly 48% of permanent employees plan to consider temping when they next change jobs.

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