Payroll Services ‐ How it Works

  1. Send You send us your timesheets and expenses

  2. Validate We validate your expenses with HMRC and invoice for your works

  3. Tax We automatically pay the employer's NI and calculate your tax and NI

  4. Payment We pay your bank account directly: you receive a text and email confirmation of payment

Our payroll processing is simple. You tell us how much work you've done and any expenses you paid along the way, then we validate it all with HMRC and invoice it straight to the client. As soon as they've paid it, we pay you. It's perfect all round, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg – click here to see our prices.


Payroll Companies ‐ Features

Fully HMRC approved software

It's rare for an umbrella company to be fully HMRC compliant, but we are – so you know we're safe.

No paperwork

We've stripped all of the tedious work out of running your company, which means no paperwork for you. Ever.

24/7 access to payslips

Need to know what you earned in April 2004? Need your last 3 lost payslips? We've got you covered.

Fully compliant

We make sure we work perfectly with minimum wage and holiday requirements.


We deduct a fixed fee from your gross pay each month (which is tax deductible, by the way). The weekly gross fee is £27.50, working out to be a weekly net of between £9.96 and £15.46. Not bad considering we take care of all of your admin, tax, paperwork, insurance and expenses. If you need a bigger breakdown of how we charge, click here.


Payroll Companies ‐ News

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Payroll Companies ‐ FAQs

It's common for people to have questions, especially when they're setting up something as important as their business. Click here to read our FAQs.

Umbrella Services ‐ Guide to Contracting

Check out our handy guide to contracting – packed full of useful information, hints and tips to ensure your contracting business runs as smoothly.